The 3-Step Formula For Winning Facebook Ads

Begin scene.

The camera pans to a desk where a man is sitting, his face not exposed. He types furiously at the keyboard while the monitor exposes what is being worked on.

Words are being written. Options are being checked. Images selected. Copying and pasting code into another tab is done. Throughout all of this, dubstep music is playing in the background.

The man hits Publish, and we see numbers rising steadily from zero. Results. Conversions. Reach. A low cost per click. Suddenly, the camera turns 180 degrees to face the man straight on.

It is Charlie Sheen. He yells, "WINNING!".

This is the video I imagine had I a cocaine problem and promoting some next level Facebook Ads course. But alas, there's this blog post.

Every month, billions of dollars are spent on Facebook. It's a fight for eyeballs, one that is far too often lost. Like any fight, you need the proper training and ongoing education to be at the top of your game.

To craft a winning Facebook Ad, it really comes down to three things:

Step 1: Know Who You Want To Reach And Figure Out Best How To Reach Them

Step 2: Have A Concept That Resonates With That Audience

(I've written about "the concept" before here.)

Step 3: Simple, Clear Copy That Invokes Action

At the end of the day, the goal is to get people to take action. No action, no conversion, no customer.

Obviously, all of this is easier said than done. While the script of the wacky promotional video creates this easy image of success, what it doesn't show are all the hours of testing, tweaking, both on Facebook and off where you're running traffic to, and real dollars being spent.

They say to get money, you've got to spend money.

If you're investing in Facebook Ads, getting really good at these three areas will give you the most leverage. That and taking up meditation probably wouldn't hurt, either.