Why We Do Everything We Do In Only 6 Words

We do some weird shit.

We fight, we complain, we eat the things we know will make us feel bad, drink the things we know will make us feel bad, go back to the person we know will make us feel bad, and partake in a 12-hour Netflix binge that will, once it's all said and done, make us feel bad because we didn't do the things we should have done.

We like to blame somebody else for why we have what we have, and when given the opportunity to actually do something about it, we don't do anything. We laugh, we cry, we create, we destroy, we love, we hate.

We are every emotion, every feeling. Every experience, both good and bad.

So why do we do what we do? As I learned from Tony Robbins, there are 6 human needs. The first four are our primal needs. Those are Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Connection/Love.

The other two are our spiritual needs. Those are Growth and Contribution. Here's a breakdown of all the needs:

Make sense? So, knowing these 6 human needs, we can begin to understand why we do certain things that we do (patterns) and why others do what they do.

This is an incredibly valuable skill to have because it not only helps us to improve our own lives (of course, action is everything), but help others since we have an idea of what makes them tick.

All 6 human needs to be shared, and the sources for the most fulfillment lie in Connection/Love, Growth, and Contribution.

Making those the top 3 are a winning combination, and when you link up 3 or more needs to an action or activity, it becomes addicting.

Ultimately, it's up to us whether that action will be negative or positive, and if we know it's not helping us, making the change we need.