What Pablo Escobar Had That You Need

Pablo Escobar was a merciless businessman. The son of a farmer, he had a very different idea of what seeds to plant. The figures...

By the way, Popeye has been out of prison since 2014 with police now protecting him. Fascinating how life turns out.

To reach a level of the most notorious drug kingpin of all time, surpassing the work of many other high profilers combined, takes absolute insanity. It takes an ego of epic proportions mixed with no concern for how to get there.

But to even get there, one cannot do it themselves. One must have halcones, sicarios, lugartenientes. One must have distribution.

The power is not just in the product. The power is in the network.

When you write, your job is not done when you hit publish. Your job is done when you've done what you can to get it in people's hands, or their eyeballs on it. The Internet has afforded us profound levels of distribution, but at the same time, it's created a mass illusion.

Your work is not great enough for it to be discovered on its own merit. It is not amazing enough to "go viral" the day you share it on social media. Maybe it is, but you can't leave it to fate.

You must build your distribution through a combination of loyal fans and friends, spanning the platforms that matter to who you're trying to reach, and connecting in more direct ways (email, live video, etc.) that elevate your relationships.

Far too often we focus more on the work than the means in which it gets out there. There needs to be a balance between the two.

Without the network, Escobar would have been just another guy trying to make a buck. Instead, he made history. A history filled with unforgivable atrocities, but history nonetheless. Fortunately, there are much better ways to make a statement and stand out in your field than to resort to unspeakable acts of violence around a destructive product.

The first step is creating something great.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th is commanding the distribution.

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