On People Paying Too Little For Valuable Work

If someone, who requires services you provide, is offering to pay a laughably small amount, how about instead of lecturing them on how little that is, how wrong it may be, your going rate, etc, you, I don't know...

Ignored them and focused on more meaningful work with the people who gladly pay what you are asking?

I used to be a part of this ridiculous cycle, and it kills me every time I see it in groups or wherever someone posts needing help with a project.

I get that it feels degrading and you don't want others being taken advantage of, but let me ask you this: Does it upset you because you were in that position, a position where you took shit work for little money?

And what happened? At some point, you got fed up and leveled up. It was a catalyst to good things. And if you have yet to level up, maybe this can be your wake up call.

There will always be people in this world who want the greatest work done for the smallest price, and there will always be those who settle for it.

Your job is not to change minds or prove thy righteousness. Your job should be to let life be the teacher because it ultimately provides the greatest lessons.

Photo credit: Gene Han