Dear business owner,

Mike Stenger here coming to you from my orange office, and I have a few quick questions for ya...
  •  Do you have an awesome product or service that truly brings value to people's lives?
  •  Is your business currently generating at least $10,000 a month in revenue?
  •  Would you like more high quality leads and to convert them into paying customers?
Then you'll want to keep reading this page.
But first, let me tell you a story.
It's freezing. The mattress is like a slab of concrete.
I think to myself this must be the same brand they buy for prisons. I have been admitted into a psych ward. I am 15.

The product of a dysfunctional family, I was flung into reality on March 6th. My mom was severely depressed. My dad was severely unoptimistic. Neither of them stuck together long enough for me to even recall our faintest memory together. 

My sister would beat me to this planet by nearly a year and a half. My brother, who arrived after us both, would be born with cerebral palsy, and missing part of his brain crucial for speech. 

Money was scarce. Vacations rare. “New” clothes non-existent. I had few friends, no lasting relationships, and a never-ending need for attention. I hated my situation, hated my environment, and most significantly, I hated myself

And I guess that’s what lead me here to this dark, cold room full of hopelessness... 

I, like every other human being wrapped in a meat suit, am the result of programming.
The Code Had To Be Rewritten
I start making a conscious effort to pay more attention to my thoughts and feelings. In 2005, I discover the world of online marketing, and Myspace blows my mind. At 17, I discover meditation. 

At 20, I launch a social media marketing business. And through it all, my life is still miserable.

It seems the biggest hurdle wasn’t just overcoming what I thought and believed, but what I had become. 

I crush the scale at 316 pounds

A blogging conference in Las Vegas is what sparks my wake-up call. 

A book, “The 4-Hour Body,” is what empowers me to burn my fat away.
In 2013, I pivot from social media marketing. Writing has always been a big passion, which is what I devote myself to. 

Focusing on mobile with major players like Android Authority and TechRadar, I also spend time as Co-owner of Social News Daily, a social media news site. In May 2014, it all comes crashing down. 
“We Got A Decent Offer To Sell And We’re Taking It”
This was my nest egg, my big shot, I thought. “If we just keep at it through the rest of the year, we’ll be able to get significantly more,” I urge. 

But like Neil Strauss writes in The Truth, “The only relationship that’s truly a failure is one that lasts longer than it should.”

With everyone else pushing for a sale, it was time for that relationship to end. I walked away from the experience depressed and uncertain. It wasn't a failure, but a mere drop in the bucket compared to the pot of gold I envisioned at the end of the rainbow.

Damn was I sure we were on to something. However, I learned invaluable skills. 

As the months dragged on, I felt more and more in need of an escape. Lenny Kravitz’ “Fly Away” plays on repeat in my mind. That’s when inspiration strikes, and my Monopoly piece lands on California. 

I’d skip over SF, LA, and settle on San Diego. 

Little did I know at the time, that roll of the dice would change my life forever...
“Don’t Freak Out, But I’m Moving To San Diego”
This is what I say to my mom before flying back to Ohio. My trip lasted a full week, and on the last couple days, I look at apartments. San Diego was calling me, and I couldn't risk not taking the call

My flight lands back in Ohio on December 10th. I am moved into an apartment in Ocean Beach on January 12th, 2015. 
I have either made the best decision of my life or the biggest screw up of all time.
By May, I Blow Through Nearly All My Savings
I'm living the dream. I frequent the coolest parties, meet the coolest people, and develop an addiction to *the sauce*. My work suffers dramatically as I lose focus, and one night I reach the tipping point...

Completely wasted, myself and a couple other dudes hit up the beach to catch the sunrise. As we're slouched in the sand, a homeless guy walks up to offer a special white powder in exchange for our rum.
I Pass And Wake Up
From that moment on, I start building myself back up. I stop frequenting parties, dramatically reduce my drinking, and refocus on the work. In September, I see there's an end of Summer beach bonfire. I consider not going.

It's there that I meet Elise, an incredibly rare blonde who calls me on my BS. We hit it off right away, eventually moving in together (and looking snazzy as hell).
We later rescue a spirited husky, Zoey. She will pull you around town and loves to chew on everything.
In November of 2016, I get the opportunity to attend Tony Robbins' Unleash The Power Within in San Jose. 

It transforms my life in not just how I think, but how I operate.

And when it comes to how your business operates, there is one fundamental truth...
Copy Is The Bridge That Connects You To Paying Customers
If the bridge is rickety, rusty, and swaying from side to side, few are going to pass!
The Ultimate Purpose Of Copy: Capture And Convert Attention
If your copy is failing to grab attention, pull people in, and get them to take ACTION, you're losing out on leads and money that you and your family deserve.
The problem is, everybody and their grandma wants people to buy their stuff, but few are doing a great job of communicating in a simple, powerful way that pulls people in and gets them to take action.

Tell me if you feel this way...
I Want Better Results
You know that, for your business to get better, you need to be constantly improving. You need to be applying the best techniques, working with the best people, and best positioning yourself as an authority in your field.
I Want To Save Time
You got into what you’re doing for the freedom to make your own rules and spend time on the things that are important to you. But, between all the day-to-day activities and fires you have to put out, there are countless hours you’re losing and will never get back.
I Want To Be Heard
Your business is different. You have your own branding and messaging, your own target market, your own products and services, your own way of selling, and your own pricing.

You don't want a one-size-fits-all solution because you are NOT a one-size-fits-all business

You want someone who actually gets you.
I help you create more profitable connections by crafting converting sales copy for...
  •  Landing pages
  •  Email campaigns
  •  Facebook Ads
  •  Marketing funnels
  •  Sales pages
  •  Websites
  •  Video and webinar scripts
Simply put, if you have a project that you want customers to connect with, or you want to increase your conversions on existing campaigns by at least 20%, then we might be a great fit. That said...
Here's How We Won't Be A Good Fit
  •  You are not making money and are just starting out
  •  You sell "get-rich-quick" stuff or anything that doesn't actually add value to people's lives
  •  You are not a positive and open-minded person
  •  You LOVE working with flaky freelancers who drop the ball and leave you wondering if they were murdered because it's been a few days and they still haven't gotten back to you
Limited Spots Available
Here's the deal: I've found that when I'm able to work with businesses that are the right fit, I'm happier and they are happier. My copy is better and they benefit from it. We become friends versus looking at one another as a transaction.

I only choose to work with passionate people who care about adding value to the marketplace, and I've determined that I'm able to best serve everyone with the attention they deserve at a very small, limited capacity.
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