Haircut Place

The Home Depot is where childhood goes to die. After moving into a house with my girlfriend, I have accepted the endless trips roaming its orange walls as my new life.

But as we drove past yet another lifted Ford F250, something caught our eye: A sign of signs for a strip mall with the name "Haircut Place".

"Haircut Place? Surely that's not the name of it."

We run into The Home Depot, grabbing the thing we should have grabbed 30 minutes prior, but didn't think to Google at the time the thing recommended to us that three different associates were clueless about, 30 minutes prior.

Leaving the parking lot of dead childhood dreams and the stench of tree murder, we slowly roll past the strip mall. Will this "Haircut Place" be a Great Clips, Sports Clips, or some little upstart?

We see the building...

It's Actually Called Haircut Place

How many times have we spent stressing over all the details?

How many hours, days, weeks, or even months have we spent neck deep in all the moving parts, trying to make something perfect?

How many times have we hesitated building or launching something because we felt the work we did (or would do) wasn't good enough or that we weren't good enough?

You can absolutely build a Great Clips, but maybe all you truly need to start is Haircut Place.