What Are You Documenting?

So, I was watching this interview with Ice T. It starts off with a shot of his unique garage. A beautiful daily-driven cherry red Bentley rests on a raised platform with another exotic car covered up resting below.

A car dealer once said to him, "You have everything you need. You have some shoes, you have pants, you have your rent paid. Now life is about what you want."

It's a cool line, something you might see on an Instagram photo with 14 hashtags. But what came a few minutes later as he shared life before his rap career, carried a bit more weight...

"Then one day, I had an epiphany: If I wanted to be remembered, I just couldn't live the game. I have to document the game."

From there, 4 gold records, 1 platinum. Cool cameos in flicks like New Jack City, and a nearly 20-year run on TV's Law & Order. Ice T is definitely living a life on his terms, doing and buying what he wants.

What About You?

Thanks to the Facebooks, YouTubes and Instagrams of the world, you can easily document your journey, requiring little investment other than your smartphone, computer, and Internet connection.

A lot of people get held up in their current state or skill level. Because they may not be the best or have the greatest skill, they believe in waiting until they are where they want to be.

The problem with that is by not documenting, by not sharing your trials and tribulations, by not letting the world into your world, you are making it more difficult to reach that place.

"It's not about faking it till you make it," as author Ryan Holiday puts it. "It's about showing yourself making it."

Seeking an "expert" or "guru" to work with is definitely a criteria, but you know who your potential customers are ultimately seeking? Someone who can solve their problem. Someone who is honest, authentic, and has integrity. Someone who can help them get from where they are now to where they want to be.

And you get to that place, a place where people will want to work with you, by documenting. It's definitely not about perfection, nor sharing the perfect story. Every story has its flaws. Make sure that people hear it.

Photo credit: Blese