Top 10 Takeaways From High Performance Academy

When people think about personal development conferences, they think about motivation. This guy or many different speakers share stuff to get you fired up and motivated. While that's all fine and dandy, there's one problem...

Motivation Alone Will Not Save You. Execution Will.

It's why when I attended Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy here in San Diego, seeing the similarities to Tony Robbin's Unleash The Power Within, meeting some kick ass (no pun intended) high performers, and getting some real strategies to better move forward in life, that I realized this was not one of those conferences.

What Might Trip Me Up Today And How Can I Meet It At My Highest Self?

Another great question is, "How would my highest self respond to this situation?" Think and process this before responding, and allowing your brain to slip into bad habits.

Transition Meditations

Before moving on to your next task, take a minute to close your eyes, breath deeply, and set the intention for what you are about to do. It's a simple process to refocus and give that thing more of your effort and attention.

The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

It's easy to get caught up in busy work, but what really matters? What do you truly need to focus on to reach your goals? Should you really spend time in that area or work on those things?

If You're Not Willing To Honor The Struggle, Forget The Dream

You've probably seen this photo before...

Success is a process. It has its ups and downs, hills and valleys. If you're not going to push through the hardships, you can't expect to enjoy in the wins.

Changing "I Don't" Or "I'm Not" Into "I Will"

"I don't know how" becomes "I will learn this".

"I don't have that" becomes "I will build that".

"I'm not like that" becomes "I will become that".

Qi Gong And Tapping

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to regulate one's life force or "chi". Tapping or EFT is a form of accupressure that aids in shifting your emotions. They are far out there, but Brendon shared with us a simple practice incorporating both techniques that takes all of two minutes, and gets the body buzzing with energy. He recommends doing it at least 3 times a day, and I've also incorporated this into my morning routine where I do Tony Robbin's Priming exercise. It's a lethal combination for starting the day!

The Caged Life

People living in the caged life are frustrated. They're resigned, bitter, and feel that no one understands them. This was important for me to hear because I have caught myself saying that people don't understand way too often. You want to be living the charged life where you're engaged, energized, and enthusiastic. For more about this, check out Brendon's book "The Charge".

The 1:9 Ladder

As a legendary project manager said to us, "Create the plan and work the plan." Here is that plan for high performance:

What Is The Output And What Are The 5 Moves To Get There?

Clarity was a strong theme throughout the conference, and it's not about how much time you have, but what you do with the time you have. Part of that is identifying the output, the ultimate goal, and figuring out how to get there in 5 moves. It's probably not as complicated as you are making out to be. Find the 5 moves and focus on them.

Find Someone's Enthusiasm And You Find The Gateway To All Influence

This is something I've been great at applying in my life, and it's so incredibly powerful. Figure out what people are passionate about and ask questions where they can share more about those passions. People will never forget you.

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