Attention CEO's, Entrepreneurs & Successful Business Owners...

Direct Response Marketer Behind $40,000,000+ In Sales Could Be The Catalyst To Unlocking Higher Profits In Your Business


From the office of Mike Stenger
San Diego, California

Dear Friend,

If you're here right now, chances are you're a business owner.

Maybe you're doing really well and generate most if not all of your sales online, and to that congrats!

It takes a lot of hard work and resources to build a successful business...

And even more effort to keep it growing.

That means staying on top of the latest trends, getting the right knowledge from people who've actually done it, and hiring the right people.

Not to mention...

Finding And Consistently Executing On Methods To Increase Sales And Grow Profits

As I hinted at from the start of this letter, that is precisely what I can help you do - Increase your sales and profits.

However, before we get into who I am and how I can help you, I'd like to be upfront out of respect for your time.

I work with a small, select group of businesses who generate, at minimum, $50,000 per month.

They have great products & services that legitimately add value to people's lives, and have an open mind when it comes to testing different ideas.

Because I prefer quality over quantity and only working with businesses I know I can help, this means I have to turn down most opportunities so I can give my existing clients the time and attention they deserve.

Also, I am what some would refer to as "expensive". A relative term as I frequently generate many multiples a return for my clients, but a simple fact nonetheless.

With that out of the way...

Who Is Mike Stenger And Why Is He Writing In The Third Person?

Right, one other thing. My clients and I tend to have a good sense of humor and while we take the work seriously, we also like to have fun.

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and from a fairly young age, I became fascinated with personal development.

Particularly what is it that makes people tick and do what they do. This rabbit hole of psychology would help me improve my own life, pulling myself out of deep depression and poverty.

But it would also prove itself invaluable years later when I'd move to sunny San Diego.

You see, I had a few bucks saved up from the sale of a news site I co-founded.

I had long been a writer, but the kind of writing I was doing at the time - Mostly 300-ish word technology news articles - Wasn't going to cut it. 

Not in California where it costs money just to breathe.

I would need to find a way to take my passion for writing, love of psychology, and blend it together into something more impactful.

Lo and behold, such a thing existed.

It had been at the forefront of untold fortunes, the catalyst for gargantuan profits.

It was called direct response... and I became obsessed.

Day after day, I'd study the greats from Gary Halbert to Claude Hopkins to Eugene Schwartz.

I'd analyze marketing campaigns and funnels, reverse engineering them to distill their essence and why they outperformed or not at all.

I'd attend conferences, masterminds, invest in trainings and coaching.

I'd even get the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by Sam Markowitz, protege of the late Gary Halbert...

Who is very much the inspiration behind why I'm writing this personal letter to you now instead of investing in a fancy looking website.

Most importantly, I'd put in the work.

One company in the financial space, I helped to generate $22 million in NET profit during a single calendar year.

Another company, a fast-growing ecomm brand, I singlehandedly grew their email revenue from around $100,000 per month to over $300,000 per month.

The former CMO at Traffic & Funnels, one of the largest coach and consultant training companies on the planet, called me "The original gangster of copy."

Nick Urbani, Co-Founder of Bubbly Belle, shared I “masterminded numerous profitable offers, merchandising strategies, and split tests" and that I can "work effortlessly with finance executives, media buyers, developers, designers, etc."

Jon Broderick said "I've watched a single email written by Mike generate tens of thousands of dollars in a day. He's a hardworking professional who delivers exceptional results and an all-around pleasure to work with.”

I could keep going, but you get the point...

When It Comes To Increasing Your Sales, Working With Me Is A Pretty Dang Good Investment

It sure as hell beats the stock market.

This is accomplished in one of a few different ways...

Direct Response Copywriting

Whether you're launching a new product or want more sales from more customers more often, let my experience generating over $40 million in online sales go to work for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

You've got an offer or offers in rotation, but they could be performing better. I'll analyze every step of the funnel from it first getting eyeballs through the upsell process, and give you actionable recommendations for increasing conversions.

Strategic Marketing Advisory

It can be hard sometimes to see the 40,000 foot view when you're on the ground in the trenches.

Having a trusted partner who understands what you're doing and can offer a different perspective, is critical to keep your business growing and navigate the rough waters ahead.

As a strategic marketing advisor, I can work directly with the CEO and/or marketing team to help guide them in the right direction and offer insight into successful creative and promotions.

So Now What?

As I expressed at the beginning of this letter, I only work with businesses making at least $50,000 per month.

And because I choose to keep this group small, that means I may not be able to accept new clients at the moment.

I'm also in the top 5% of highest paid professionals, specifically because of the results I deliver for my clients and in helping them perform at the highest level in their respective industry.

To see if we'd be a good fit together and for me to learn more about your business, click the button below to get started.

You'll be taken to a separate page that asks some simple questions.

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