Why This Blog Post Probably Sucks

Windows Vista"Not all blog posts are created equal." I think Socrates or Plato said that. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, what you sell, or even where you're from anymore...chances are, you have a blog.

We all have blogs. Blogs upon blogs upon blogs. So many blogs that other blogs are doing so much blogging that it's creating a blogging vortex of blog madness. The Internet is based upon and run by information, lots of it now from blogs.

"People share awesome." Fine words by Scott Stratten of UnMarketing.

Here's the truth and blunt reality of it all: Most of us who think we have awesome content, really just have decent content that may be worth the read. Yes, decent content. Your content probably isn't that great. Content that passes for having some quality and value, but not awesome.

Ego and pride: Down by 28, angry, ready to fist fight

In my opinion, there's really 5 levels: Awesome, Great, Decent, Not Good, Horrible. Most of us are stuck in between at the level of Decent.

I've come to the ego-crushing-pride-depriving realization that this blog itself, the majority of the content within, is Decent. There's a few great posts and maybe a couple awesome, but the fact of the matter is, all content falls within these levels, levels that our readers determine.

If you want Decent then go for it. People will still read and still enjoy your content in some fashion. Why stay in the middle though? Can't we all create better content? That's a question to ask ourselves, whether you want to believe or not that most of your content is "meh". This "meh" was sponsored by Jason Falls.

Here's where I go wrong and a few insights that you can take home yourself:

Preparation: My preparation and planning skills in regards to new content, sucks balls, I'm not going to lie. To be honest, a lot of my writing or videos are done a day before they're scheduled to be posted. Now, my good friend Nicholas Cardot is an absolute beast and I've seen him prepare WEEKS of content, Great or Awesome content, ahead of time.

Ideas: You ever have the question sitting in the back of your mind, "Where do I even begin?" when coming up with a new blog post? You may even ask yourself, "How can I come up with something even better and that's not boring or suck?"

The reality is, ideas are all around us and it's the creative process and knowledge of the topic at hand, that creates. There's people that write all day, everyday, about the most boring things that you could possibly think of. What's keeping us from writing about a topic so robust?

Content: We can read every post about creating awesome content but that doesn't do us any good if we still don't create awesome content. Ok, that quote is pretty awesome. Tweet it. The medium, the way the content is delivered, is not nearly as important as what the content IS. Video is awesome, woooo! Right, but what if the videos absolutely suck because the content sucks?

It's the content, what's said/spoken/written that matters. We all have a preference, but many of us don't have a problem listening to an audio, reading a post, or watching a video. Do what works best and only experiment because you want to, not because someone says you have to.

What can we/I do to create awesome content finally? First, focus on creating awesome content by raising your standards. Don't be an absolute perfectionist, but put forth more of an effort in creating something better and not just "something that needs to be up because you want to consistently be posting".

Secondly, plan much further in advance then a day before you want to post (bad Mike). We have these things called mobile phones and they're pretty awesome. There's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be getting ideas or inspiration throughout the day, if we're making a conscious thought to be preparing our next pieces of content.

Takes just one or two affirmations with absolute conviction and boom, the mind is ready to work.

If you don't want to look like a weirdo in public, just write it down in what you can write stuff down in your mobile phone. If you don't care that you look weird and everyone can suck it OR you are where people aren't in your nearest vicinity, speak it into your voice recorder on your phone and play it back later.

Thirdly, habits become life, just like eating crap leads to eating more crap and not exercising leads to more of not exercising. The reality is, most when given advice or say "I am going to do this", don't actually do it. There's a number of reasons which could spark a 34 part series.

Habits don't just form by thinking...they form by doing.

Action is the catalyst.

When I started on a diet, one that I am in 2 weeks at the writing of this post, have lost weight and feeling better than ever, I didn't "think" about it into massive detail (which the mind likes loves to do, then freak you the hell out). I just thought about what I needed to do, what my current situation was (fat and miserable), and how much is the food going to cost me. That's it.

Our minds are awesome in a number of ways, but they can be worse than a psycho ex-girlfriend who doesn't get that it's "been over" for the last year and a half and no, you don't want to get back together.

When it's over, it's over, the same way when you do it, it has no choice but to be done. That sounded dirty.

"Where does your blog stand on the scale? Offended that all your work has just been crapped on? My ego is too. Let's fight in the comments below."

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