The Biggest Truth To Winning In Social Media

Autoresponding has been around for quite some time. First started with telephones, then the Internet and email, and finally drum roll...Twitter.

Many companies are taking advantage of the incredible power of search and using it to respond to people whenever a keyword or phrase is mentioned. No, we're not talking strictly about the Gary Vaynerchuk approach here, but an automated machine approach.

A little over a week ago, I was contacted by Scott Sherman, the CEO of about their service which just launched out of beta. Basically, it allows you to create auto-response campaigns on Twitter and they went ahead & created an account for me ahead of time.

It's geared more towards the local business owner, but you get the idea. For example: Say you run a pizza joint in Chicago. You could set things up to where everytime someone says "I want pizza" or "I need pizza" within a set vicinity, it would send an automated tweet that you set up for it. also allows you to setup specific intervals and times when to run the campaigns. This is great and all and I'm sure some businesses have had some success with it, but here's the deal: The small businesses that will succeed in the Social Media space the most are those who consistently interact with their audience and have them feel connected.

Like a generic auto-response email you receive, it's just not human feeling. Nothing, no auto-response program, none of that, will ever ever ever ever times infinity, replace the significance of human to human interaction.

No offense to Scott or, but auto-response isn't nearly as powerful as a thought out, human sent message. Sure, it takes time to send out all those replies and interact, but is anything to build your business super easy?

Find someone knowledgeable and passionate to do it for you, find the time to do it yourself, or don't participate in the Social Media space at all. There's no room for all robots, all the time.

"How often do you interact with your audience?"

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