Why Video Isn't Always The Answer

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"Video is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. You better start doing video before it's too late..." Ever heard that before or something along those lines? I won't disagree with the fact that video is insanely popular and very effective, if done properly. And I won't disagree with the fact that video is really powerful.

Video simply offers something that written text can't. It's another medium, a different way, an interesting platform to get your content out there in a sometimes more consuming friendly fashion.

If you put out crappy content, video will just make it clearer. If you put out great content, video can enhance it.

You hear marketers yap their jaws all day about it, bloggers use it more and say how everyone else should use it more, but is it something that's a tad overhyped?

"What do you think about video? If you don't use it, should you give it a try?"