3 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t For Everyone

“Get on Twitter and Facebook!”

“Interact with your customers online!”

“If you don’t get into Social Media, your business will die.”

That last one might have been a bit exaggerated, but I’ve heard similar. This is the future of how we do business and how customer relationships are and can be built (extremely effective might I add).

Fact is, Social Media isn’t for everyone, especially if they fall into any of these below...

#1: Your product or service sucks.

Like the awesome Scott Stratten says, “If your product or service sucks, Social Media just makes it suck harder.” That’s exactly the case too. Getting customers through Twitter, Facebook and other avenues is great, but at the end of the day, making money from suck makes you yourself suck.

People will let you know something sucks too, especially in the real-time world we live in. Reviews, @replies, videos, you name it. Social Media will destroy you, plain and simple.

Listen: The reality is, you know if your product or service sucks. Listen to your customers and you’ll easily find out.

You owe it to yourself to improve and/or create someone that’s better. The more value you put out, the more value you’ll receive. Suck products only last so long…awesome products last forever. Choose long term over short term when it comes to building your business through Social Media.

#2: You're not open to new ideas, new methods and new ways of doing business.

Being close minded is one of the biggest contributors to failure. Now, not everyone is close minded. A lot are, but not everyone. Quite a bit comes down to they just don’t understand which is perfectly acceptable.

It’s the goal of consultants, specialists, etc., to get that information across. Still though, there will be people who simply don’t get it. And those who simply don’t get it and are not open to it after it’s been intelligently discussed and had time to sink in, just aren’t ready for Social Media.

You simply cannot have something work when you are closed to the idea or methods of it. Never has worked and never will. People need to be on the same page, like a class reading the same book. If not, everyone will be thrown off.

#3: Your target market just isn’t there.

This one is completely up to debate considering that the adult and senior sector has grown tremendously in their use of Social Media. My biggest suggestion is actually ASK your customers and find out ahead of time before investing the time and money into Social Media.

For example, just recently I walked down to an awesome local restaurant, Breakfast Club. They serve some awesome breakfast and lunch and their staff is on point. Like so on point that it almost freaks me out when my coffee is filled back up at the perfect time. Plus, I’ve been accused along with Jeff Cryder of cheating on a waitress.

Anyways, they get a ton of business. 7 days a week, they’re packed (been there about 5 times). I’ve thought that it would be great if they were on Twitter or Facebook, however, and I’m not being judgmental here, just making an observation, the majority who eat there are an older, senior crowd.

Does this mean that Social Media isn’t for them? Not necessarily. Who knows exactly how many of their customers are actually online, but you can see what I’m saying.

"Can you think of any other reasons why Social Media might not be for someone? Disagree with the above?"

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