Why I Wear Nikes

This is not a sponsored post. And if it was, I'd still be wondering if the company was fully aware that my face doesn't exactly help sell product. Since I was little, Nike has been a brand I've been fascinated with. It had little to do with the iconic "swoosh" or famous slogan, but everything to do with the status. Like Versace at a red carpet event, you were somebody or at least felt like you were somebody when you had them on.

Growing up in a rather poor home, my clothing situation was often whatever looked cool at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army that happened to feature a tag that was 50% off that day. It's funny how we've evolved from being embarrassed for going to the thrift store to going proudly. Thanks, Macklemore.

When I was around 8-years-old, my dad surprised me at Christmas with a slick white pair of Nikes. Needless to say, I tried protecting their shine in the same way a secret laboratory is keeping the T-Virus from exposure. Unlike the secret laboratory (knock on wood), I failed miserably. It was maybe six months before I needed a new pair of shoes, and this time it was back to the generics.

If I asked my dad for a pair, he would have probably had zero complaints getting them and just about anything else I'd ask for. But I was shy and taught to be thankful for what I have even though what I had, at the time, seemed like a steaming pile of dog shit. As I've gotten older, my perceptions have changed, and that also means taking a step back to understand the "why" behind wanting materialistic things.

I want a huge flat screen TV. But I don't need it, and I'd get even less work done. I want a solid gold rapper chain. But I don't need it, and it's not going to increase my chances of getting laid. Recently, I convinced myself to invest in proper running shoes, and of course Nike was at the top of the list. Sure, I could have went for a more expensive pair of running shoes, but Nike had ridiculously styled orange and black Airs that I just had to have.

Whereas before it was all about the status, today, at least for me, it's about the message: "Just do it." It sounds totally stupid, but when I put on the Airs, I feel powerful, like I can accomplish what I set out to do if I just put in the work. And the thing is, that's absolutely true. We get caught up in the nuances and in our own heads when action is what is most needed. It's totally psychological, but it's our psychology and mindset that determines how we interact with the world. That's why I wear Nikes.

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