Four reasons I love Vine (despite calling it stupid)

Technology, in partnership with wireless connectivity around the world, has made way for many advancements. One such advancement is Twitter which was originally designed to allow mobile phone owners to easily read short messages, and send quick updates for multiple people to see. 140 characters was chosen because SMS only allows a max of 160 characters. However, I think many of us can agree that an extra 10 or 20 characters would have been nice :-)

On January 24, 2013, the same social network launched Vine. With its videos deeply embedded into, users can view and record six second clips. Similar to how people criticized Twitter in the beginning over its limited status updates, Vine was met with the same commentary. In fact, I called its functionality "nothing more than an animated gif", and criticized creator of Twitter Jack Dorsey for calling it "a new art form".

Being heavily involved in social media, ignoring Vine was next to impossible. People I follow use it, Twitter has it integrated nicely, and cool people like Chris Brogan talk about its uses. But still, it felt pretty overhyped. That was until someone I grew up watching on MadTV (and laughing my ass off), had a compilation of his videos posted to YouTube:

Will Sasso's lemon stunts are completely pointless, and stupid to say the least. But man are they hilarious, with millions in agreement. Since Vine wasn't out for Android at the time, I started using SeenIve to view clips on the web. Here are a few things I quickly learned...

Vine is a goldmine for comedy

Sure. There are a lot of boring, mundane videos complete with food or teens talking about how their life is so hard, but there are also a lot of funny gems. Take these for example:

Easy to consume a lot of content in little time

With videos not lasting anymore than six seconds, you can really blast through a bunch of content without wasting a ton of time. Try saying the same for YouTube, or even the big social networks in general.

Great content discovery

Since Twitter is behind Vine, they make great use of hashtags. Under the "Explore" tab, you can see what's popular, dive into different categories, and even Vines under trending hashtags.

Always left guessing

In other words, it's completely random. You never know what to expect, and that adds to the element of surprise. One second you can watch someone hiking in the woods, and next watch Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal.

Do you use Vine? What are your thoughts? By the way, you can follow me there under the same name.

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