What's Your One-Liner?

You're at a party. Maybe it's not a party, but a networking event. Whatever it is, and wherever you go, at some point, somebody will pop the question: "What do you do?"

We all have a pre-crafted answer. Maybe we tell that somebody what we mostly do to pay the bills or the passion project we're building on the side. Maybe we tell that somebody our job title.

Whatever it is we say, here's something worth thinking about...

Job Titles Are Boring.

One-Liners Are Awesome.

What's a one-liner in the business sense? You've probably heard of an "elevator speech" before, and it's in the same spirit. I'm a huge tech geek, and nearly every day, I jump on Techmeme to see what's what in the tech world.

Has Twitter jumped the shark? Is Elon Musk announcing yet another moonshot project? Is Apple really selling a picture book at $199 for small and $299 for large?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached peak Apple.

But magical, brilliant, revolutionary things aside, if you scroll below the sponsored posts in the sidebar on the Techmeme homepage, you'll see a little section titled "Who's Hiring In Tech?".

My favorite one-liner out of the companies listed is Automattic's:

27% down, 73% to go. WordPress.

It's a fantastically simple way to get themselves across to potential applicants, and communicate what's great about working with them (i.e. we're just getting started).

A one-liner is nothing more than a fast, simple, more powerful way to get across what it is you do.

I could say that I am a writer/copywriter/online marketer, but so would many other people. Instead, I communicate this:

I Help People Create Awesome Marketing Funnels

Perfect? No, and it will change over time. However, it sure as hell beats the former. And the beauty of a great one-liner is that it creates intrigue, and has people asking more questions.

If you say you're an accountant, that's one thing, but if you say I help take the frustration out of finances, you've instantly got someone's attention.

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