How I Went From Wall-Puncher To Zen Ginger

I had what doctors call a bit of an anger problem. Temper tantrums. Throwing things. Breaking shit. Putting holes in walls without the use of a sledgehammer. For years growing up, my mom took me to counseling. I was poor, fat, and raised in an environment surrounded by negativity from all sides.

The truth is, I had an awesome childhood. While money was not abundant, friendships and fun were. Football, playing in the woods, trips to the Cincinnati Museum, the zoo, and even a couple years of season passes to Kings Island.

Something, something being a redhead. It's like being angry was my destiny and my right as one of the pigmentally challenged.

You Get What You Focus On

If you focus on the bad, you'll get more bad. At 15, I began my journey of learning alternative ways to make money, and by having this thirst for knowledge, I started to bump into more and more of the right people.

By seeing all these different perspectives, from people who came from similar backgrounds, affected by depression, it expanded my mind. "You know, maybe the world isn't so bad." "Maybe I can get out of this situation if I get away from my current thinking."

From books like "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind", "Think And Grow Rich", "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", and many others, to a few key mentors, it drove me to a radical change in how I thought and how I perceived the world.

At 17, I discovered meditation. Super skeptical, I was reminded of this great quote:

I committed to it daily. I kept at it even on the most frustrating of days when it seemed like nothing was working. I went deep, and within a few weeks, I was reaching depths that I did not know existed. You see, love and greatness is all around us. It's just many of us choose not to see it.

Fast forward to now, and my life is a complete 180 of what it was. I am not perfect. Anger, like any emotion, will always exist. It is not possible to live in a peaceful, blissful state 24/7/365. Life will not allow it. But you, you can allow for it to happen more often.

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