Vine Is Ridiculous, But Evolution At Its Finest

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So, Vine. No, I'm not talking about the thing that hangs in trees in the jungle, I'm talking about the mobile video app that allows you to record and share short, six second video clips. What's got a lot of people talking about the video sharing app, especially quite a few social media industry types just raving about it, is that Twitter owns it and is integrated very nicely into so people in the stream can view the videos.

Now, Vine is not really a video, it looks a lot more like an animated gif to me. Google+ has animated gifs and now Twitter has animated gifs, but people are saying it's video so we'll just go with that. The reality is Vine is completely and utterly ridiculous. In fact, it's not even ridiculous; it's redonkulous.

So here we have this new tool, this platform that allows you to record and share video, but not just any video...six seconds long. While, yes, it is completely ridiculous, there's also the argument, the same argument can be used for Twitter. In the very beginning when Twitter started, people were like "140 characters? That's it? That's insane! There's no way I'm going to be able to communicate and talk in 140 characters! This just isn't going to work, Twitter is going to fail, and that's going to be the end of that."

Fast forward to now, there's now hundreds of millions of Twitter users. The whole thing with Vine is it's just evolution. This is where social media is going. We, as a culture and also the internet, are evolving to where we want information now, we want it quick, we want it short and sweet. Vine is simply an evolution of that.

Now, will it work, will it be successful over time? That's anyone's guess really, although if we want to look at history, there was a site started in 2009 called (thanks to Zane Aveton for the reminder) and it allowed you to record and share 12 second video clips.

So Vine is literally half of that. Unfortunately, 12Seconds shut down towards the end of 2010 because it just didn't catch on. Maybe things have changed since then, but looking at history, it didn't work out so well.

As a business, can you take advantage of Vine? It all really depends. There's plenty of content out there and plenty of people saying that Vine is going to be great for businesses, you can record these short six-second animated gifs videos and connect with your audience in a different way. However, I'd have to say that the platforms you're using now are a pretty good path and plan to stick to :-)

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