Two Social Media Concerns Leading To Epic Failure

There's quite a few concerns that plague my brain on a day to day basis. Some are irrational, some real, some to do with others. There's two concerns when it comes to Social Media that come up quite often and they don't seem to be getting resolved at a fast enough rate.

You've seen the disasters...trying to make money too quick and thinking that money will come once the audience/fan/follower base has been built. If we setup a fund for $1 every time this happened, we'd both have a brand spankin' new car. It might not be a Mercedes, but still would be a nice ride.

Social media is often looked at as a new marketing channel. A platform where customers are, and we can market to them in a totally different way. That's the mistake. Looking at Twitter, Facebook, etc. as a marketing channel first thing, turns it into and only a marketing channel. People notice. Your selling/convincing is outweighing everything else.

What needs to change is the perspective and the understanding. In fact, if Business X plans/wants to make money right out of the gate, they'd be better off investing in other methods. Social Media is more of a relationship channel, a connection channel. Each and every tweet, update, or video, is a connection point to another human being. And it's the other human being who will determine your worth to them.

People are always first. Selling should and always be second. Each and every connection has a certain power. When that connection is rocking an 8 out of 10 on the relationship scale, your chances of selling which, by the way, work best when done indirectly, increase ten fold. Value is beyond your product or service for it's the strength of the connections which ultimately determine your SMM effectiveness.

Lastly, there's the whole mentality of "build it and they will come". Few get lucky, most end up facing reality. Anyone who has built up a business, website, you name it, knows the amount of work that goes into making things happen. Simply because Jenny and 20,000 other people "Like" a Facebook page, doesn't mean that they'll all of a sudden be shelling out money for whatever it is that's being offered.

The reality is, nurturing and enhancing relationships (connections) with your audience, is the essential key to making money in Social Media. You can determine ROI down to a certain point, but numbers will essentially lead you still lacking a full explanation.

Numbers are exactly that...numbers. Not everyone will become a customer and that should be a given. Heck, a good website selling a product/service is lucky to get a 5% conversion and that's with targeted traffic. Why should a business expect a large percentage of their Twitter followers or Facebook fans to buy?

Answer: They shouldn't. It's one thing to have followers and fans. It's another thing to have meaningful connections with as many of them as possible. That's where the money lies.

"How are you creating meaningful connections with your followers/fans?"

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