Twitter Turned 6, But Is Your Strategy Still A Toddler?

Twitter strategy

March 21st is Twitter's birthday. Back in 2006, Jack Dorsey created the platform with Biz Stone and many others along his side. Who would of thought an idea so simple would become such an immense and powerful part of Social Media today.

Chances are, you may have been using Twitter for at least a couple years now. You see the power of it and use it to get your message out there while (hopefully) giving out immense value.

Despite the 140 Million active users as of March 21st, there's still a chance for anyone with the right skills to get themselves in front of and build an audience. Unfortunately, many businesses are lacking an effective strategy and maybe even freestyling as they go along.

A Social Media strategy is a bit like a car: If you don't have one, you have to take public transportation. And no one enjoys public transportation.

Because of the interactivity of Twitter, one thing that's incredibly easy to do is get caught up in all sorts of interaction. Here's the kicker though...

Interaction doesn't equal results. Having clear, concise goals and implementing on a consistent, daily basis does.

Know what you want, know who to engage with, know how to tie it in monetarily (easier said than done, but I recommend Olivier Blanchard's blog to get you acquainted), and know that it's a consistent process that must be strictly adhered to.

It's time to grow up and work like the big boys. After all, they get to stay out past dark and hangout with those older hot chicks.

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