Developing The "Social Media Connection" And How It's Significant To Your Bottom Line

One of the fantastic things about social media is the ability to connect with anyone, at anytime, anywhere, in real-time. Twitter is by far the best example of this as Facebook continues to still be more closed.

What is this "social media connection" though? In my words, the social media connection is when you've built a solid relationship through the various social networking channels. It's one thing however to just build a relationship and an incredibly dedicated relationship.

When it comes to business, a very important part is CLV or LCV which stands for "lifetime customer value". To find this number is very important, but it's also good to increase this.

One of the many ways and valuable ways to do this is developing a far stronger relationship. This is where the social media connection comes into play and here's a few tips:

Be Consistent, Be Positive

Consistency is key in anything. Also, being negative in your communication won't get you very far. Make it a priority to connect directly with people on a daily basis. If your time is limited, that's okay because you can still get it in. One thing that often cracks me up is people asking "how do I start a conversation with someone?". My first response, although in my head response, is "are you $@&$!@# kidding me?!"

Starting a conversation isn't hard. It's keeping the conversation going that takes the effort.

Utilize Lists To Keep In Touch With Key Influencers

No matter what business you're in, everyone has key influencers, those who make a larger impact whether it's directly sales or the connections that they have and how established they are in their own right. These are the people you want to keep in close contact with which brings us to the 80/20 rule as we're all familiar with by now.

You get 80% of X from 20% of X. For instance, in business, 80% of your income is from 20% of your customers. That 20% is where your key influencers lie. As a small business owner, you have a RIDICULOUS advantage in keeping in contact and conversation with them because you don't have nearly the amount of aspects to deal with (infrastructure, scale, sheer numbers, etc.) as a larger business or corporation.

Go Beyond The Normal

One of the biggest ways to truly establish a rock solid connection is to go above and beyond. We're not talking about anything extreme, but something that most don't normally. For example, a quick webcam video is immensely powerful. Maybe giving someone a shout out every Friday on your social networks. There's tons of possibilities.

Investing in your customers in a meaningful way is a powerful tactic to bring out the best in them and build a loyal, highly dedicated customer base.

"What would you add to building a deeper connection?"

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