What We Can Learn From Myspace's Reinvention


What do you think of when you hear the word "Myspace": Failed social network? Glitter graphics? Auto-playing Nickelback videos? Well, whatever it is, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. However, Myspace has went through a drastic, massive, huge change.

Now, just the other day I got an invite to the new Myspace and for once I never thought I’d say I’m actually excited to get invited to the new place. But I’ve been checking it out and doing all sorts of stuff with it and it’s really amazing.

Whatever you thought about the previous Myspace, just completely pull those thoughts out of your head like in Harry Potter where Albus Dumbledore uses his wand to pull memories out of his head, and then puts them in this vat thing.

Pull those thoughts out and just throw them away because Myspace is completely different. Now, it’s heavily music focused. A lot of people are wondering if it’ll take over, if people will move away from Facebook to Myspace, but that’s just the completely wrong thinking.

Myspace is no longer a Facebook competitor, Twitter competitor, Google+ competitor, whatever. It’s now a Spotify or Pandora competitor. Anyways, the design is just amazing. It’s very smooth. Instead of vertical scrolling there’s horizontal scrolling which is actually really nice and I haven’t really seen that done before.

You can go here for a full walkthroughh and see lots of screenshots. The main point with all this is that just because the game has changed, doesn’t mean things are over.

Myspace, with this redesign, with this whole reinvention, is showing exactly that. For so long, we’ve crapped on it. We’ve made jokes. It’s really been the butt of jokes. But reinvention can happen at any moment.

Will Myspace be successful? Will it get millions of users and have millions of people using the site on a daily basis? Who knows. No really knows at this point. However, it’s a huge change.

The same thing can be looked at in your business, even your social media presence. Can you reinvent yourself? Can you do something different? Can you find a way to get even better results out of what you are currently doing?

Albert Einstein has this great quote that says “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” For so long, Myspace was doing just that. They kind of rebranded a while back with My____, but let’s just be honest: That was a complete disaster, it was horrible, and users continually left.

What things are you currently doing? Are they working and if not, why not make a change and even possibly go the route of Myspace and reinvent yourself? There’s always room for improvement.

Just because the game has totally evolved and maybe your competitors have evolved, doesn’t mean that it’s over.