The Hustle Epidemic

There's a virus spreading. The existence spans decades. It's getting more attention than climate change, ISIS, and Kim Kardashian's derrière combined.

It's the epidemic of hustle, and everyone is suffering from it.

Jack McFlapjacks working on his small business. Sally Gucci posting her umpteenth selfie from the yoga studio. Frankie Bones traveling, and traveling, and traveling.

In a world plagued by inaction and focused around reaction instead of creation, it's awesome seeing people going after it.

However, I think we forgot what hustle means.

Hustle is great. Hustle is powerful. But here's a question:

What are you actually creating and are you truly moving the ball forward?

Most of the time, hustle is used in place of "busy." You can stay busy all day and night, but it doesn't get you any closer to getting real shit done.

Keep posting your gym selfies. Keep sharing all the stuff you're doing to create a multi-million dollar business. Just remember this piece of advice that was passed on to me when I was first trying to hustle..

Documentation beats conversation. Social media lets us appear to keep up with the Joneses, but the truth rests in what's actually created and put out there into the world.