The Caring Conspiracy

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Yesterday, I came across a post/video titled "The Social Media Strip Club" from my friend Jordan Cooper. He's hilarious and I definitely recommend checking him out. A little brutal sometimes but hey, we're not 8 year olds here.

One thing that he hit on besides the video itself being brilliant, was the fact that caring is very easily faked. While most people act like they care, it's really because they want the damn money. Hence, the social media "strip club". The strippers pretend they like you and that you're amazing, but really just want the cash then they move onto the next guy.

You see, caring isn't some universal thing: You either have it or you don't. A guy like Gary Vaynerchuck cares immensely about his customers and community more than just on a business level, but a genuine, "I love you" kind of level. Of course we're not all Gary Vee's and some of us have this caring naturally inside of us.

Others, they just want the mula. They pretend to care (or think they care) when it's really not at all, just a great strategy to build your business by. I won't disagree with the fact that it's a great strategy, but are you truly doing a great service to those you interact with?

When there's genuine caring involved, a deeper relationship is formed.

Just like earlier this week when I talked about The Power of A Friend, it all comes down to the relationship. You're not a person who really cares just by replying to everyone, thanking everyone for their retweets, or following up with your emails. That's just a good strategy, plain and simple.

If you really care, you go beyond the call of duty. You really are there for people and they know it. Can it be easily masked? Absolutely but we shouldn't let caring get misconstrued with good strategy. You either care or you don't. Sooner or later, that will be exercised and if you don't have it, well, it'll be pretty obvious and your true colors will come to the surface.

There's a lot more satisfaction that comes with what you do when there's care involved also. When you're just in it for the money, to be truly happy in the fullest sense of the word, is going to be hard to come by. At the end of the day, that's what we all want and we can help others get it through our products, services, blog posts, etc., and giving a sh*t about them, more than just on a business level.

Now, you can still do well with simply using it because it's a good strategy, which it is, however, I'm in it because I truly care about everyone who I come in contact with which I know is in direct relation to the amount of money I make, including the value I put out there.

Do I let the need to make money overpower my care? Hell no. I'm in this for the satisfaction. Money is important and will come with hard work, however, the satisfaction is much deeper than that. And I believe I can reach that satisfaction by continually caring on a deep, emotional level about my customers and community. The bond, the relationships is what I value. Without them, I'm wasting my f*cking time.

"What would you say to this?"


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