The Authenticity Pitfall And Why It's Making Social Media Suck Hard

Authenticity is a buzz word to Social Media like money is to Las Vegas.

I've been reading Scott Stratten's UnMarketing (affiliate link) and one chapter he wrote really talked about authenticity, some of the good and bad. Now, what really got me intrigued to write this post, wasn't just some of Scott's thoughts (by the way, should be a video review of UnMarketing out next week), but by a big celebrity we all know...

Tom Freakin' Cruise.

Why Tom Cruise? Let these 2 screenshots do the answering:

Let's trackback a little bit. If you are to follow a celebrity or someone you really enjoy and look up to, wouldn't you be pretty upset to find out that they don't actually post to the account, just have a team that does? It's like you contributing a small section to an upcoming course, and having it ghost written by some dude from the Philippines you paid $3/hour.

Now, you gotta give some credit to the team for actually answering the question in an honest way. They were, whether we think so or not, being authentic. They came out and said it and now people know.

The pitfall of Authenticity however is that no one can be YOU. They can talk like you, act like you, write like you, but they can't be you, point blank, period. If you're a personal brand, the last thing you want to do is use Social Media in a way that has not you actually using it to interact and engage with your customers & audience, but someone else.

There's absolutely no reason why you can't commit a little bit of time each day to do so. To quote an excerpt from UnMarketing, "You need to return this book if you say "I don't have time to build relationships online!" and yet will drive 45 minutes to a networking event, stay three hours, and drive 45 minutes back home." Plain and simple: You have time, you just need to allocate it better.

After all is said and done, people don't want to be talking to some hip college kid, they want to talk to you, the authentic you. People will always want the real thing. Same mistake people make who automate almost their entire Social Media. People don't always tend to know that and then when they proceed to try and get in touch with you via Twitter or Facebook, no response because why? You haven't logged on in 12 freakin' days!

If you can't run your own accounts, you might as well quit right now. Seriously. If you're a personal brand and you can't commit to interacting, have thought about hiring someone, or automating it all, quit. There's no reason to making Social Media suck hard...

"What would you suggest to someone to be more authentic?"

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