Social Media, Commercials, And How To Do It Right

social mediaTelevision commercials are a necessary part of watching what you want, that is unless you're like the Millions who fast forward through them.

With the World and business shifting into this more tech and social media centric society, it's a given that companies mention how to find them in their commercials.

The reality is, 99% of companies are doing it wrong. Showing a Facebook and Twitter icon at the end of a commercial isn't going to do much.

Customers and potential customers likely already know that a company is there, they just don't have a good enough reason to connect.

And that's the problem. Companies spend Millions of dollars per year to advertise, yet screw up on a vital part of their marketing strategy. If you're going to spend all this money, why not maximize your investment?

In sales, they talk about ABC, "Always Be Closing". In social media, it's CTA, "Call To Action". Without any, people won't interact and connect with your brand nearly as much.

Again, showing an icon or saying "Find us" isn't enough. Maximizing this point of engagement (well, not the best with commercials, but...) is fairly easy.

Here's a few quick examples:

"Like us on Facebook to receive a $5 off coupon"

"Like us on Facebook for exclusive deals"

"Tweet us @XYZCompany and let us know (question)"

And so on. The goal is to have a clear call to action as to WHY someone should connect. Otherwise, it's a waste of time. In this day and age with endless distractions, saying or showing some "blah" graphics and/or text, won't cut it.