How Social Media Training Can Be Uber Bullshit

I can thank my Dad for many things. My looks, at least 50% of my sense of humor (have to give Mom credit for things too), and easily the biggest, my straightforward, brutally honest attitude.

This can be a good and a bad thing.

Those around me know that if you're asking for advice to hear what you want to hear, it's likely going to backfire.

There's quite a few things that I hold back on and even on this blog there's sometimes where I really want to say something, but keep from it. However, there's one thing that has been on my mind lately that just can't be ignored.

Yes, I offer Social Media Training, both to personal brands and small to large businesses. As someone who is very familiar with the industry and how quite a few interact, it's very easy to spot the BS. Many "expert" consultants have things completely ass backwards. Anyone can learn the basics from a multitude of blogs, but people pay money to get the more advanced, missing pieces, "here's how to put it all together", information.

People don't pay to hear "interact, engage, have conversations" 80 gazillion times. Conversation is part of the strategy, but not all of the strategy. If a consultant cannot help you or doesn't in their training, help you put together a Social Media strategy and plan geared specifically for you and/or your business, they're simply not worth it and are a waste of time and money.

Watch this video on why you need a Social Media strategy and plan for Twitter, Facebook, etc., to be an effective addition for a better understanding.

We can yap all day about the basics, I can easily myself, but it's not always benefiting the client, plain and simple. I myself want the client to, when we jump off a call or Skype chat, or I've finished up training at their business for the day, to be/feel 1) Knowledgeable beyond ABC, 2) Excited, and the biggest 3) Fully ready to take action and make things happen.

Now, if they don't already know the basics, you definitely want to cover them, but to stay on them and that's it, no one is really getting anywhere. Well, maybe the consultant because they just got paid.

Here's where I talk about my training and how the "other guys" are horrible and you don't want to work with them. That's not going to happen because I know quite a few of those other guys, and gals, and the majority of them do an awesome job and are quite cool.

What I'm saying is there is some training out there that sucks and is not worth the money. You want someone who will be honest and straightforward, and will help you beyond the basics. That's all I'm going to say before I get myself into more trouble.


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