How Social Media Doesn't Tell The Full Story

social mediaThis is a story about Bruce. Bruce was a nice and friendly guy online. He regularly blogged about a number of topics, ranging from blogging to entrepreneurship to social media.

He also had his own company, Five Lakes Media, which helped with a number of services in the online arena.

However, there was something else going on with Bruce.

Life at home wasn't going so well. His wife wanted a divorce and he had to get a job as a forklift driver to make ends meet. On a Monday, him and his wife got into an argument and he attacked her.

She went outside to what he thought was to get some air, but was in fact to call the police. As the police arrived and knocked on the door, 2 gunshots rang out. 2 gunshots from Bruce, the first one aimed at his child and the second at him.

This is a true story about a man named Bruce Serven.

I knew Bruce online from his many comments on this very blog and also us interacting many times on Twitter. I even remember him telling me a funny story about the sombrero that's on his head in his Twitter avatar. While I thought I knew Bruce, I and many others really didn't.

You see, social media doesn't tell the full story. I can't begin to imagine the pain and suffering that would cause someone to do such an unexpected act and for the mother and family who lost a husband, son-in-law, child, grandchild.

Social media allows us to feel a connection to someone, a connection that feels like we know the person. However, we don't really. In some irrational way, I feel like I could have helped what happened from happening, but again, that's irrational thinking.

The best we can do is treat others with respect and the same way we would like to be treated.

We never know what they might be going through and with social media, we often have no idea whatsoever.

Rest in peace Bruce, son Lucas, and the family that's suffering.

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