The Rising Power Of Influence And How It's The New Recommend

InfluenceGoogle has launched their long awaited +1 button. What it does is essentially "recommend" content that is also then shown in their search engine. Google explicitly asks when clicking the +1 button for the first time if you want to have +1 basically influence your search results.

You basically get the idea. Google is using +1 to create an entirely different set of results, results that are fueled more by influence. Now, the algorithms will never completely be replaced, but it's different times and for a new kind of web.

Not too long after that, in fact, the same day Google launched their +1 button, Klout, the company which measures influence on the web with their custom algorithms, released their +K button.

How it works is simple: You get 5 +K's per day that you can use to recommend someone on any given topic. This increases their influence and their influence on the given topic.

All of these things are interesting for a number of reasons, one most particularly: Instead of the traditional "create something which is ranked on X/Y/Z", it's now shifting into "create something to be ranked humanly and on X/Y/Z". Influence is becoming the new standard of the web.

Of course, this opens up a thought that seems to keep popping up (and one I've heard a couple times): The popular will becoming increasingly more popular and possibly game the system with these new sets of increasing influence.

However, is it really gaming the system? They were already popular and these new ranking systems were created while they were popular. What it truly means is every content creator needs to focus on delivering better and better content and better value to their audience and end consumer.

That's really at the end of the day, what these new factors are all about. They're a way to better deliver content to you and to better provide the right topic experts to the right people.

In a way, these new influence factors can be scary, but our web is changing into one based on influence and not entirely once so much on existing factors. Those who deliver highly valuable content and information are the one's who will gain influence and gain an audience out of it. The reality is it's always been this way...influence is just making that more clear.

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"What topics are most influential to you?"

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