How Retail Can Better Utilize Social Media

Save 10% by mentioning Twitter when you come in today! Restaurants aren't out of this either: Buy 3 meals, get 1 free! Come for dinner! You've likely seen these monotonous updates from retail, physical locations, restaurants too.

Having this be 90% of your strategy, aside from following those that might be interested or getting those possible interested parties on your Facebook page, is like standing outside the place with a megaphone.

In today's video, we go over a much more effective approach that doesn't involve inundating those who actually care to listen, with all these promotions and marketing.

Facebook and Twitter IS a marketing channel, but when looked at only as a marketing channel, you're guaranteed to fail.

Thanks to Mark Hill for the inspiration on a question he asked in my interview for Social Talk Live. Recording should be up soon.

"What's your take on places taking advantage of location based services?"

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