3 Reasons Most Won't Succeed In Social Media

social media failIt's been an interesting ride. Social media/social networking sites have absolutely transformed what we do and how we do things on the Internet.

Before, porn was the biggest driver of traffic on the web. Now, it's using social platforms.

Over the course of being heavily involved in the social media space for 6 years now, there's things you tend to catch on to.

What are those who are successful doing to be and remain successful and what are those who are not doing so good, not doing right?

#1: Wrong Approach

Approach is everything. Social media is not purely a marketing tool, but a relationship/connection tool. Too many are focused on making a quick buck when that's not how it works. You've got to put in the effort to get the reward. Honestly, most people could care less about your business and what it is you have to sell.

It's your job to get others interested and make an honest dollar from that. Pitching and selling out of the gate and doing that all the time once you've established yourself, is going to be the bullet that kills your social media presence.

#2: Don't Work Hard Enough

Most simply don't put in enough effort. Social media isn't some set and forget system. Real results are made by real effort. Now, some consultants and specialists will say that you only need 30-60 minutes/day for a successful social media presence. Bullshit.

If you want a mediocre presence, then by all means go ahead. If because of what you already have going on, you don't have the time to put in the work, this gets us into the next one...

#3: Not Knowing When To Get Help

There's so many businesses and individuals that could benefit drastically with some coaching or social media management by someone who is both qualified and passionate. However, they fail to see that they need it. Us humans naturally want to do things ourselves and can get defensive when in a position of even considering asking for help.

We need to realize that we all need help at some point. Because you aren't able to build the social media presence that you want, doesn't mean that you're a failure. It means you're human.

Know when to ask for help and you'll find yourself in a much much better position. The best business people in the World realize that they have weaknesses and go to extraordinary lengths to hire people who are excellent in those areas.

"What's a good social media practice in your opinion?"

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