How Pixar Got 1.2 Million Twitter Impressions From A Simple Act Of Caring


Everybody knows Pixar. As someone who was 5 years old when the original Toy Story came out, their movies have been a large part of my childhood and still are very important to me today.

From Toy Story to Wall-E to Up and more, they all teach great lessons and are for both kids and adults. One thing that never really occurred to me is just how great the movies are for children with special needs.

You see, Ryan Sullivan is the happily married father of 3 boys, one of which who has autism. Ryan went to his blog recently and talked about how Pixar helped his son Brady better communicate.

It was very touching and even had people crying. What happened next was nothing short of amazing...

Chris Chua, a Pixar animator, found out about the post and shared it:

Pixar employees joined in and left a comment on the post. Shortly thereafter, Ryan receives an email:

"It was seriously a joy for me to know that the open letter I wrote to the Pixar family ended up in front of their eyes. They were the intended audience and the magical powers of the interwebs helped my words reach them." "Then, a day or two after the post went live, Wendy emailed me asking for my mailing address because Pixar wanted to send us a “gift package”. I really didn’t know what to expect. We traded a few emails and she asked for our shirt sizes. Being the major Pixar junkies that we are, we were incredibly stoked to be getting some new gear to sport around town."

While Pixar could have simply left it at that, they took it a step further in the final email: "Congratulations on your newborn, just wait till you see the babe clothes, so cute! It is a privilege to be able to connect with you and your family and show you our affection."

In the post, Pixar Cares, Ryan shares the full story as well as the very cool swag. Because he's so thankful for their caring and support, he decides to start up something along with the hashtag #PixarCares.

"Today will you take a picture of yourself or your kids with one of your favorite Pixar products in hand, and share it on social media somewhere? It can be a DVD or an action figure or a stuffed animal. If for some reason you don’t have something from Pixar handy, taking a photo of a nice hand written thank you note would also be cool." "I want them to feel an impact similar to the one they’ve made on my family; which is tsunami-like!"

Needless to say, it reached Pixar and nearly 600,000 people.

On Twitter alone, there were nearly 1.2 Million impressions. You can check out the TweetReach report here. And to know this started all from a simple act of caring and spending a little bit of money to send out some products.

You see, genuinely caring for your customers goes a long way. It's not only good for business, but good for building deeper relationships and trust with those who matter most. Next time you're presented with an opportunity to engage and go above and beyond, do it. You never know just how much it will mean to someone.

What's your favorite Pixar movie?

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