The 3-Step Formula For Winning Facebook Ads

Begin scene.

The camera pans to a desk where a man is sitting, his face not exposed. He types furiously at the keyboard while the monitor exposes what is being worked on.

Words are being written. Options are being checked.

Stay In The Pocket

I love comedy. With the world playing out much like an Onion article, it's one of the few bastions of unadulterated truth. We need as much of it as we can get, not just to laugh and smile and be

How To Be Infinitely More Productive

Step 1: Focused chunks. These are set periods of time where you focus only on getting key tasks done with minimal distractions (no Facebook tab open, no checking email, no responding to texts, etc.)

Step 2: Stop reading about how

The Concept Or Why Most Marketing Flops

The year was 1964. He was a CPA. His partner, a track and field coach at the University of Oregon. Together, they launch Blue Ribbon Sports. In their first year, they gross $8,000 or about $62,000 in today's

How To Stand Out In A Rowdy World

Let's face it: Most marketing sucks. Everyone is reaching to grab what they want, and while some are doing very well, many are struggling.

This Place Is Pretty Loud

Everyone wants to be heard online, but very few are. Here's