An Open Letter To Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg

facebookDear Facebook,

How are you? Great I suppose with all the updates and users you can handle. All is good here. I'm liking the new pages and a lot of the cool new features. March 1st is a pretty short deadline but I suppose all things must come to an end at some point.

Listen. I'm writing to you because it feels like you're getting a bit big for your britches and you're not really listening. Some would call you "being a rebel", but I just call it "being Facebook" since it's done so often.

Let me say first that your platform is great and I love the service. Keep up the great work there. However, more and more it seems that everyone is just a number in the whole Facebook collective. Whether you change this or do that, people will still continue to use you. And to a point, you are correct my friend.

Facebook is such a vital part of the social ecosystem. It makes up many people's lives and a huge amount of businesses' presence online. For once though, it would be nice to be acknowledged as a human being and not just a "user who talks with other users". And by being acknowledged as a human being, it would be awesome to have this thing called communication.

See, communication is where one human or a group of humans, speak to another or other humans, either physically or digitally. This is what your release cycle looks like:

Be quiet, build, still don't say anything, keep building, shhhh, finished project, say nothing, release/launch, now let people know.

History repeats itself in a number of ways. Websites and communities have fallen to the ground because of such lack of communication. People want to know of changes ahead of time. It's damn good business. Why is it so hard to just say something?

Frankly, I'm writing this to you because although it's not a huge concern of mine as the recent Facebook page changes weren't a big deal to me, it is/was to a lot of your users. These are people who use your platform on a daily basis. Who provide your revenue. Who make up Facebook.

And let's be honest: You could listen to users more. There's a lot of really great ideas out there. Anyways, for now, don't let lack of communication bite you in the ass. Most people just wanna know what's going to be rolling out or launching, preferably not the same day it happens.

If I'm a regular at a restaurant, order steak, and they haven't offered steak for months and didn't give a notice, I'm going to be pissed. Letting your customers know ahead of time is just common courtesy.

You know that Zuck.


Someone who would gladly keep users/humans better informed if the pay was right.

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