Your Customers Don't Care About Online Influence

Online influence is talked about in the same way that Apple rumor blogs talk about the upcoming iPad. It's synonymous with using social networks because the more influential you are, the more people will "Like" you, follow you, buy from you, and so on.

Platforms such as Klout and Kred have convinced many marketers and businesses that measuring or monitoring your online influence is an important task. They've appealed to the part of our psyche that is all about numbers, the bigger the better.

We live in a number based world, dictated by how much money you make, how much you paid for that latest gadget, and how much money you saved.

You know what number really matters though? How many customers love doing business with you. You see, your customers don't care about your online influence.

They don't care about your Klout score and they sure as hell don't care how many likes you have on Facebook. The only thing they care about is how you're helping them and the value that you bring to the table.

Influence may be important, but monitoring and measuring it isn't crucial to your success on social media. If you absolutely insist on being influential online, here's how you do it: Stop reading about how to be influential. Start helping people.

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