The Missing Element From Most Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaignA good social media campaign can lead to great things, whether that's an increased audience, increased impressions, increased sales, or all three. With the right strategy and right plan going forward, a business or individual can really make use of the platforms at their disposal.

One thing is often missing however. Growing up, I had it pretty easy. Had lots of friends, got to do lots of things, and had many fun summers while school was out.

You see, my Mom and Dad got divorced when I was very young, shortly after I was born. My Dad lived an hour and a half away and would see him every two weeks when school was in session. Once school was out for the summer, that would change.

I love my Dad. He's an amazing man. But let me tell you...

I absolutely hated physical labor over the summer at his house. Looking back, it was very easy and not bad at all, but being a kid and a teenager, you tend to overdramatize things and situations beyond normal logic. :-)

One summer I remember moving a shed. Not one of those rinky dink, fit your lawn mower and a couple other things shed, but one probably four times the size, plus an entire second floor on top of that. As usual, my Dad did most of the work, but I assisted.

Where my Dad lives, he's got a big backyard out in the country so that means he can burn stuff. The shed we were moving needed new shingles as it was getting pretty old and there were multiple leaks which caused a new second floor to have to be put in.

It was 80+ degrees and as him and my Stepmom were pulling the shingles off and throwing them down on the ground, I'd have to pick them up and take them about 30-40 feet away and throw them in the fire.

Looking back, they probably weren't legal to burn, but this was a long time ago and before all the global warming controversy. Anyways, if anyone is familiar with roofing shingles, they're pretty damn heavy. Combine that with a blazing hot fire and it being well over 80 degrees on a hot summer day, and you've got yourself a workout.

What seemed to have taken hours when it was probably a third of whatever I thought, the job got done through work and busting ass.

Here's the thing: If you want a successful and effective social media campaign, be prepared to work and bust your ass. Nothing comes easy in the digital World.

And let's stop with the "there is no competition" and "there is only one you" nonsense. That just puts people and companies out of touch with reality.

The success of your campaign is directly reliant on A) Strategy, B) Plan, C) Your business/brand as a whole including what you have to offer to the marketplace, and D) Your work ethic.

If you are not prepared to work, then you are not prepared to get results.

"What's your favorite social media campaign?"

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