How To Deal With Screw Ups In Social Media And Not Screw Up Dealing With Them

Dealing with social media crisisCompanies and individuals mess up all the time. Whether it's a scandal, poor treating of a customer, or a number of other odds, it happens. With the advent of social media, it becomes significantly spreadable.

A big problem is that these screw ups are hardly dealt with in the proper way through social media channels. There may be a few retorts but that doesn't fix the problem.

Saying you're sorry or "we're doing our best to make sure it doesn't happen again" is like a dude telling his girlfriend he's sorry for cheating on her.

Social media should be looked at as a gift in these times of screwing up and not a hailstorm of horrible. Yes, backlash and rallying is likely, but there's an enormous power to make things right.

Here's a few ways of dealing with screw ups and not screw up dealing with them...

-Be Honest, Straightforward, No Bullshitting

People can tell when you're pulling their chain and whether you're sincere or not. All of us are natural detectors of good and bad. That feeling you get when you're really not sure about somebody is evidence of that.

The quickest way to pissing people off and making a screw up even worse is to not be honest and straightforward about it. Companies will lose customers, individuals will lose fans, followers, as well as customers, by not just coming out and addressing the main problem/s.

Being honest is and can be powerful in gaining support back. People are drawn to those types and the journey of making things right and building trust back up is far more speedy.

-Look At All Your Social Media Channels The Same

What I mean by that is make sure none are neglected. Use them to both address and interact. It's one thing to put out a statement, yet another to really get in the trenches and communicate directly. It shows that you aren't taking things for granted and the more genuinely sincere and caring you are, the better.

-Three Words: Get On Video

People highly underestimate the power of video and how influential it really is. Video is a far more powerful and connecting medium than text. People see you and they better connect with what you are saying. Video doesn't lie because everything is right there out in the open.

Again, this all comes back to no bullshitting and just telling the truth. We've all seen politicians or even some large companies have a rep get on camera and within seconds, our crap detector goes off.

Use video to not only get the message out, but to connect on a far more powerful level.

-Make Things Right Or Forget It

Now, depending on the problem, things really depend as far as what to do to make things right. I could go more on this one, but deep down inside, we all know what needs to be done: Outreach, support, give it time.

Trust is one of the worst things someone can violate and can't be expected to be built back up overnight. By showing you actually care and supporting in whichever way has been decided to make things right, you won't screw up in dealing with a screw up in social media.

"What's a screw up that you recall? Did they do a good job managing it?"

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