The Secret To Making Social Media Work

You know, there's a lot of posts and videos about Social Media being something EVERY business should be paying attention to on the Internet. I mean, quite a few people (myself included) have been caught red handed, jumping on the Social Media bandwagon. Sometimes passion overflows the mouth like bad Tequila mixed with some crappy Mexican food.'s safe to say that most of us understand how important Social Media, Web 2.0, social networking, whatever we wanna call it, is to what we do. So it's time we focused on the tactics, tips, and techniques that will really get us somewhere and over the next many months, I hope to focus more on that than bland conversation over the same damn thing everyone else is talking about, over, and over, and over again.

Communication is at the core so to become a great communicator, means to become good at the general concept of what Social Media is all about.

#1: Two sides, not just one - Too many make the mistake of blabbering on about this and that when they're forgetting the most basic concept of takes two. Instead of push (spewing out about you you you), there's pull (others "pulling" into the conversation) making it two-sided. Others will then feel like they're a part of something and be valued in the relationship, versus just listening to someone babble on all day.

#2: It's a party, not the retail floor - Here's the big misconception...while Social Media is fantastic for creating sales, it's not a damn sales floor. That's the big issue. You've got corporation A and small business B hopping on trying to make some money. If they'd just think of it as a social gathering and build some, what's the word, yeah, RELATIONSHIPS, they might be able to create these potentially long term sales.

"But it takes time to do that. We want money now."

If you want money NOW, Social Media is not for you. It can take months before a business will see any results. That's how relationship marketing works. If you want money now, there's always plenty of alternatives. Those who really commit to Social Media and take the time to make it work, reap the rewards and benefits down the line. It's a long term investment, not a short term with rewards right away.

#3: Speak to a friend, not a statistic - This is the Mack Daddy of all communication. In fact, if you had to keep just one thing and remove all the other 95 tips or however many there are, this would be the one you'd want to keep. I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to communicate on a level of a friend, versus a professional.

Yes, you want to keep professional. Yes, you don't want to sound like some hick from the backwoods of West Virginia (no offense if you're from West Virginia). The simple reason you want to speak to someone like you're speaking to a friend is because it's natural conversation. People respond to natural conversation, it is embedded in who we all are. The minute you start talking in "professional" speak, the red flags go up.

Speak to others like you would a friend, get the green light everytime.

"What else would you add to this?"

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