4 Major Improvements With Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search was announced in Apple secrecy fashion and brings a much upgraded search engine. What makes it different from say Google comes down to how it gets the information. Whereas Google delivers links, Graph search delivers answers tied to your social graph.

It can sound confusing, but below is a quick demo of how the new functionality works.

Local Businesses Need Pay Attention

Graph Search makes it very easy for Facebook users to find businesses, restaurants and retailers nearby or in cities around the world. Not only that, but users will even be able to get as targeted as "Restaurants nearby that my friends like". Going even further, you could find specific places nearby that a particular friend likes.

Word of mouth and recommendations from friends are King. While many currently rely off of apps such as Yelp, this experience is now easily integrated with Facebook and will help people find the places that their friends care or connect the most with.

Better People Discovery

In the previous search experience, finding people was always pretty basic. You search a name and can sort by location. Now, you'll be able to not only search for people like you would in the past, but search based on interests or occupation.

Graph Search lets you get super specific with queries such as "Personal trainers who live in New York City and like basketball". Getting very specific will likely be overkill for most, but hey, it's an interesting feature to have.

This also translates to better aiding recruiters and companies looking for an ideal individual.

Learn More About Your Current Friends

One of the biggest pieces of advice that's been shouted from the mountain tops is "Know your customer". The more you know, the better. The same thing applies with your friends, particularly if you're a business owner. Chances are, you're friends with potential prospects and even customers.

Thanks to Graph Search now pulling in interests from users' social graph, you can learn a lot that you probably wouldn't know otherwise. For example, “Music my friends like” or "Books that Amanda Hugankiss likes". Every interest is a connection towards a new conversation and relationship enhancer.

The more knowledgeable you become about those around you, the more you'll understand. The more you understand, the better your relationship can become. And as well all know, great relationships lead to business.

Find Your Future Hot Date

I'm just kidding on this part, though if you really wanted to, there is the possibility. What do you think about Graph Search? Do you plan on using it?