Living In Perpetual Tweakness

My dad taught me many things growing up, one of those being the hatred of work. I joke of course, but it seemed like everytime I visited "the boonies" (my mom's words and not a racial slur), he'd be hammering, sawing or wrenching away at something. When I had fuck all better things to do like nothing, we'd be carpeting a bedroom. Or building an enclosed backporch. Or building a two-car garage. Or shoveling several tons of gravel. Or digging up an almost football-field-sized backyard to put in a new septic system. Or tearing down a two-story shed and probably destroying the ozone by dragging a metric ton of shingles into a bonfire. At least the statute of limitations is up on that one.

But, there were very few projects that didn't get finished. The rusty 1954 Chevy still sits back behind the garage waiting for nature to reclaim it. Over the past couple days, I've spent an easy 12 hours messing with the design of this new-but-not-really-new blog. And still, there's things I want to tweak before writing a new post like it's miraculously going to make what's being said 10x better. Even in my screwed up head I know that's a lie.

The thing is, there's always something to tweak. They say to not fix what's not broken, but I don't know of a single person who hasn't shot that saying all to hell. We get caught in a state of perpetual tweakness, hoping and praying that the next change will be what makes the thing better so we can finally get it finished. But it's a lie, and the truth is it'll never be finished to our utmost satisfaction.

Just Launch The Goddamn Thing Already

Yes, it might have bugs. Yes, its design may still need some work. Yes, people might post shitty comments about how much it sucks. But you need to make moves. You need to get it the hell out there. Just get it started, and you'll figure the rest out.

Photo credit: Hans Splinter

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