The Best Commenting System On The Planet And It Sure As Heck Ain't Disqus

There's quite a few blog commenting systems out there. One of the more popular and what has gained quite a bit of traction in the blogging community the last few years, is Disqus.

Granted, I've used it before and it's a pretty solid solution.

Last year however, I was introduced to a different commenting system, one that I really connected with on a deep level because it brings the power and "real-time" of Social Media, into your posts.

It's called LiveFyre and is free for standard blogs. They have an awesome team and below is a video review of LiveFyre and the very cool features.

UPDATE 10/19/11: Livefyre has publicly announced SocialSync which allows you to pull in Facebook page comments or tweets that are in response to links with your content. Read more here.

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