Interview With Jenna Langer, Community Manager of Livefyre

A couple weeks ago, Jenna stopped by a post I did and shared some great insight in the comments, as well as introducing herself. I had been using Livefyre for a couple weeks at that point and one thing led to another, that being this great interview.


What is Livefyre for those who don't already know?

Livefyre is an embeddable real-time commenting platform that turns comments on any site into live conversations, increases the quality of those conversations, and drives traffic to content around the web.

What makes Livefyre such a great commenting system, say different from Disqus, IntenseDebate, etc.?

One thing that sets us apart is our technology. Livefyre is built on using XMPP, the open source protocol for chat. This means all comments, likes, and moderation actions are pushed to the browser, making them appear in real-time for all the users watching. In addition, we keep rating scores of all of our users across the system. We're making commenting fun again by creating game mechanics around our scoring system. This also helps increase the quality of the comments coming through.

How important is interaction when it comes to an online community and what can others do to increase interaction on their blogs?

Interacting with your readers is very important. It helps to ask a question at the end of the blog post, and to reply to comments when they come in. Since Livefyre is real-time when a few people get on the page it really turns into a conversation. Let your readers know a specific time when you will be responding to their comments to let them interact with you. Also, @mentioning a Livefyre user will send them a notification, which helps increase engagement on your content.

As community manager for Livefyre, what do your daily roles consist of? Any tips you can share as we're all in some way the manager of our own communities?

Since we are a small team my daily routine varies a lot. I get to wear many hats which makes my job fun and interesting. I have to be able to switch gears very quickly to attend to our users. I am constantly monitoring any mentions of Livefyre and actively commenting on sites throughout our network. While listening is the #1 rule, no one knows you are listening unless you respond. It's important to actively engage your community to encourage more participation.

With the creation of Twitter, do you see real-time really being the driving force of Social Media? What makes it so important if so?

We live in an always-on world. Twitter has made it so easy for us to instantly publish our thoughts that it is important to react quickly. If someone responds to a tweet of mine from the day before I have already lost the context. People are starting to expect immediate responses from brands, and if they don't get it they will move on to the next product. If you can catch the user in the moment it is much easier to offer solutions. This happens on Twitter and we're seeing the same results with Livefyre.

If you had to pitch Livefyre and had only one sentence to sum it up, what would that sentence be?

Livefyre is the first community engagement platform that easily replaces your static comment section with a vibrant, social experience built around real-time discussion.

Second to last question: How cool are redheads on a scale of 1-10, 10 being super cool and 1 being loser status?

  1. Redheads are obviously the coolest people out there. Hopefully we don't go extinct anytime soon :)

Where can people sign up for Livefyre?

Head to to sign up for the private beta, and check out our blog at for updates and info from the network.

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