Keegan-Michael Key And His Simple Improv Tip To Better Your Life

I love listening to people talk about things they're passionate about or are much smarter than I. It keeps you humble and away from the fallacy that you are the best that you can be.

So often we overthink, overprocess, and get overwhelmed. Our minds are computers, processing and crunching billions of ones and zeroes at any given second.

But what if instead of moving forward at this hectic pace, we started walking backward?

Keegan-Michael Key is a master of improv, and if you're even the tiniest fan of comedy, there's no doubt you've seen "Key & Peele" on Comedy Central. The East/West College Bowl is one of their most popular sketches.

In a recent interview, Keegan shared the perfect metaphor for improv and what also happens to be a wonderful way of looking at life.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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