This Business Saying Needs To Go

You're in the bottom of the 9th. You've held meetings. You've effectively communicated how you can help them achieve XYZ result.

You've fielded objections left and right, seemingly knockin' 'em out of the park. And that's when you hear it...

"Sorry, we're going with somebody else."

You wonder what you did wrong. You replay all the interactions back in your head. You look over the emails, the marketing materials. You try to figure out how you can salvage things, and if there's even anything to salvage. And that's when you hear it...

"It's business, not personal."

One thing that appears to be shared among the best business people on the planet is their ability to not let their emotions cloud important business decisions. It's an incredibly effective trait to have, but there's one massive flaw...

Humans Are Emotional Beings

When we pour our heart and souls into our work, it's impossible to NOT get emotionally attached in some way. For years, I took it pretty badly when I got a "No." I saw it as a personal attack, and would dwell on it for way too long instead of just moving on to the next one.

Hundreds of no's later, I learned that wasn't true. I learned that most people are inherently good, and just trying to do what they believe is best. Unfortunately, you aren't always in the picture. Welcome to life.


I feel "It's business, not personal" manifests a lack of empathy. Every decision we make, every action we take, affects other people in very real ways we may not see directly. Rule your business with an iron fist, but don't forget how that fist lands.

Photo credit: CBE Companies

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