Five ways Instagram will beat Vine at its own game

Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012, and recently it sent out an invite to press via good ol’ snail mail. The event takes place June 20, and rumors first pointed towards Facebook launching its own RSS reader. That still hasn’t been totally ruled out, albeit some have argued why that isn’t a great move.

While, yes, developer Tom Waddington did discover code mentioning RSS feeds, it’s also come to light mention of video has been found in Instagram. Now, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if Facebook cranked out their own RSS reader. After all, Google is shutting down Reader July 1, and considering millions of us already consume lots of content on Facebook, it’s not such a terrible idea.

However, Instagram is in a prime position to introduce video. The app is designed for consumption of visual media, and with Vine really picking up steam, this is a great time for Facebook to deliver a solid right hook to Twitter. And when you compare the two services, Instagram has several advantages...

Feed And Profiles Accessible On The Web

Currently, Vine is only accessible via the mobile app. Of course, there are some sites out there like Seenive which aggregate videos, but it’s not an optimal experience. Not to mention, you’d have to individually bookmark those you “follow”, instead of viewing their Vines in a single stream.

Since Vine is in bed with Twitter, one’s Twitter account seemingly functions as their profile "on the web" for right now. Will web access eventually be added? I’m sure, but Instagram is already ahead.

Better Mobile Experience

Whenever it comes to this type of thing, it’s always a matter of personal opinion. Vine on iOS appears to be pretty solid, but on Android? What a mess. Slow even on Wi-Fi, inability to search for people, lackluster recording, and a metric ton of spam. As of right now, it's a bit of a love/hate relationship.

Longer Videos

It’s been said that Instagram is aiming for 10 seconds. While Vine’s six seconds is okay, and pushes users to get creative, 10 seconds seems like a much better number. I think Facebook understands that if people want to watch longer videos, they’ll simply load up YouTube.

Embedded In Facebook

While Vine is embedded in Twitter, Instagram is embedded in Facebook with the simple tap of its icon when you go to share. It would make sense that videos will also appear in the news feed, complementing the social network’s push to become more visual. Considering that hashtags are now functional on Facebook, videos would also be easier to discover.

Significantly Larger User Base

In comparison, Instagram has a major leap over Vine. As of June 2013, Vine has 13 million users. It’s worth noting this was announced before launching on Android. As of February 2013, Instagram has 100 million monthly active users. Larger numbers don’t always mean better, though.

According to Socialbakers, Vine engagement rates on Twitter are almost at the same level for YouTube videos. Also, over a 24-hour period, Vine recently passed Instagram in total shares. Twitter may be doing well, but it can’t ignore Instagram’s sprawling user base, and its integration with Facebook.

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