The Word 'Innovation' Needs Innovated


Innovation: the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.

Surrounded by as much fanfare as every other Apple announcement, on September 10 the iPhone 5S was revealed to the world. Packing better performance, a better camera, iOS 7 and a new fingerprint reader, it's a seemingly average upgrade. Not only that, but the iPhone 5C is a new contender, packing iPhone 5 specs in a colorful plastic shell at a slightly lower price. Of course, opinions from those in the tech world quickly came through the wire...

"The iPhone 5S is very disappointing."

"Steve Jobs would have never approved a plastic iPhone."

"The iPhone 5C is made of cheap plastic, packs last year's specs, but retails starting at $549!"

"It's like Apple worked with Crocs to create the hideous 5C cases."

No matter which way you sliced it, the message was pretty clear: Apple, the company once seen as THE innovator, is no more. Competitors like Samsung have been really pushing forward, delivering big upgrade after big upgrade, and offering specs that would make a computer just five years ago look like a calculator. Motorola, while not crazy in the specs department, and instead more focused on features with the Moto X, has brought work back to the United States, and is offering customization that puts the iPhone 5C's pastel of colors to shame.

HTC, despite all of its trials and tribulations, managed to create quite possibly one of the greatest looking Android phones ever (dat Blue), and its front-facing "BoomSound" speakers are a fantastic idea that should be standard on every single smartphone. Even if you are the biggest Apple fan of them all, one can't ignore the strides that Android has been making, and who Jobs wanted to "go thermonuclear war on."

However, there is just one problem with this whole "lacking innovation" debate...

The Word Has Lost Its Meaning

Innovation is now used to describe the most meaningless of updates. Worst of all, we hold companies to such a high standard for "innovating", yet if we truly had a say in the future of a product or service, 99% of our responses would be far from innovative. Innovation is something new, something unique. In the world of smartphones and tablets, such thing rarely shows its face.

And one thing that needs to be understood is that while innovation is welcomed by consumers, the average consumer who dictates the success and failure of such devices, care most about how it can help them get done what they need to get done.

Specs Are For Geeks, Experience Is For Everyone Else

The iPhone 5S or 5C may not be the innovation that one would expect from a company cementing itself as "Insanely Great." However, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Photo credit: Ibrahim Alghamdi

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