How Retailers Are Doing Social Media All Wrong And What They Can Do To Win Big

retail social mediaRetailers are one of the more used social media case studies in the space. There's a number of them who have received great results using a number of different strategies. That number however is a very small percentage.

The reality is, most retailers suck using social media. They use social media as efficiently as a network marketer posting quotes followed with a link to their non-click worthy subdomain for Money Millions International.

One of the first things that cause everything to go wrong with retailers using social platforms is their mentality. Often, this is the case for many businesses using Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. Social media isn't purely some marketing tool. It's a communication tool that you also happen to be able to market on. No one wants to pitched at or sold to constantly.

I don't care if you have Abercrombie & Douche t-shirts on sale again today. Your tweets suck, your Facebook page updates are mediocre at best, and you remind me of a sales guy who's paid only on commission and is behind a few sales.

People want to speak with other people. Deals are great, but they're not great enough for your audience to see them constantly. You may think so and have the belief that "They'll LOVE the 25% off sale on these crappy made knock-off electronics", but chances are, they'll be desensitized to them because you post so much about deals/specials/offers.

Having a conversation is not only the easiest thing one can do, it's the most effective. Start up a dialogue and build rapport. Look at your customers and potential customers as life long friends, not a group of sales. Retail has a quite difficult job when it comes to getting people physically into their stores, that's clear.

If they're going to be using social media and accepting the difficulty, stop settling for what every single one of the competitors are doing. That mentality and constant selling is what causes people to tune that stuff out. Thinking outside of the box, implementing creative campaigns, and focusing on interaction is what will win in the long run.

"How do you feel about retail posting about deals in social media?"

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