What 'Her' Reminded Me About Humanity

Psychology is something that's always fascinated me. In fact, before I dove into writing and social media, I thought about becoming a life coach. However, after realizing that a 16-year-old doesn't know shit about life, let alone could tell much more experienced people how to live their own, I quickly abandoned that idea.

When I first saw the trailer for Her, it piqued the geek part of my brain. After all, we're moving into this new context-based world, and where our mobile devices can perform as a barebones personal assistant. The idea of having a relationship with a computer, or as Her calls it "an OS," is not too far from our eventual reality.

Her explores the idea, and no, the "physical" contact thing is probably not how you're thinking. I could write a review of the movie, which it's a really fascinating flick, but I'd rather touch on what I took away from the movie.

We All Want To Be Loved

No matter how macho you may appear, we all desire to be loved, to feel a connection. When people fail to feel that connection, they feel incomplete. When they feel incomplete, a never-ending number of possibilities present themselves. We are hardwired to have a sense of connection, and when that connection is not there, we just don't feel fulfilled. In the movie Her, Joaquin Phoenix felt incomplete, and the OS helped to facilitate that connection. However, while the OS was incredibly sophisticated, this takes me to the other takeway...

We're Surrounded By Great People. Let Go Of Fear.

Like many religious texts, movies (and especially music) are open to interpretation. We're in the middle of a technology explosion, and never before has it been so easy to get sucked into our computers, phones and tablets. While Joaquin seeked that connection we all crave, without getting all spoiler alert, there were people around him he could have facilitated a meaningful connection with.

Technology has positioned itself as a way to make our lives easier, which it does to an extent. But before Google the robot overlords replace humanity as we know it, we must not lose sight of those around us. They seek the same connection as we do, and we can forge amazing relationships, both intimate and otherwise, if we stop being afraid, and letting technology serve as a crutch.

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