The Surefire Way To Guaranteed Failure

Lies. Deceit. Mislead. When you look at society, a lot of everything around us is plain and simple lies. And when it comes to the online world, there's more lies than you can shake a stick at. As I'm writing this, it's a really beautiful day, one of the last cooler/low humidity days we'll have until it shoots back up in the 90's, so this post isn't going to be super long, at least I don't think so.

You see, when I first started online back in 2005, it was one lie after another. I wanted to make a name for myself, just like everyone else. It started with an ecommerce site (that failed miserably by the way), and then network marketing (which I didn't know how talk to people and had low self-esteem). Sure, I was a little bit younger, but the reality was, I was full of sh*t and not in the joking kind of way.

The lies weren't anything outlandish, mostly financials, to artificially inflate my confidence, influence and chances of me actually making money. Those days are loooong gone after several years of soul searching, self improvement and honesty, and in the new web we're in today, there's absolutely no way you'll get ahead in the long run when what you do is one lie after another.

With Twitter, Facebook, a blog, etc., people can see right through all the layers of crap and bullsh*t. If you do video, people can see right through it even better! The people that continue and will always do better than the rest in the new social realm we live in, are those who are honest and authentic.

Even if you were to just be making a measly 20 bucks/month from advertising on your blog, you're far better to be honest and upfront then lie to their face. Now, maybe it's not always about the money (it's where 98% of the lies were in my case) but in actual credentials, supposed "clients" you worked with, or else.

Here's the truth: You WILL find the right opportunities, the right chances to show what you're made of, with good money to boot, but only when you stop lying to yourself and others.

There's not much to come from lies in the long run, but there's everything to come from the truth.

"Who's your favorite honest & authentic blogger, entrepreneur, etc.?"

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