How Do You Grab Attention Online?

Words. Headlines. Bolds. Italics. Flashy images. Attention is the game, but sadly most people are losing at it worse than a Freshman asking the hottie Senior to prom. In the early 2000s, getting seen on the Internet was easy.

With Blogger and Live Journal, WordPress and Xanga, there was an entirely better way of reaching millions across the globe.

Then, in 2003, things The days of glitter graphics and auto-playing music videos had arrived. Its name was MySpace, and it spread like wildfire faster than Justin Bieber’s meltdown. It ushered in this new wave of “Web 2.0,” what we all now refer to as social media.

Soon, MySpace and all the other more popular social networks of today such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, would become the #1 source of time spent online.

Not even pornography stood a chance.

Information was now arriving at a blistering pace. The first iPhone was released in 2007, paving the way for a new generation of mobile phones that are, basically, pocket computers. Keeping up with what mattered to you became harder, and harder, and harder. And you know what? This is only the beginning.

For too long, businesses have been comfortable.

With the exception of a few, they've remained complacent, putting out the bare minimum while expecting the maximum outcome. The rules have changed, and awesome content is what separates the winners from the losers.

To reach more customers, grab more eyeballs, and make a bigger impact on your bottom line, there is only one question:

Will you create something that people WANT to care about?

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